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I love being a mom and a wife. I've married to a man I would do anything for, and we have three beautiful children. I see so much of myself in both of them that it sometimes brings me to tears (happy ones).

I also love writing. Romance to be specific. I love the happily ever after that I believe everyone deserves. My stories aren't 'stop and smell the roses' type romances. While I believe everyone deserves happiness and true love, I know that sometimes you have to walk a hard road to find it. Those are the types of stories I like to write. The happily ever after that wasn't found, but earned. I work to earn mine on a daily basis and so do my characters. 

I am also working on a children's picture book series. Inspired (of course) by my kiddos. :)

On the non-writing front, I play acoustic guitar, sing, read like I get paid for it, ride horses, hike, paint rocks, and support a rather obsessive addiction to Pinterest.

I love to cook, which combined with my pinning addiction, leads to many experiments foisted on my unsuspecting husband and kids, mostly with good results. But sometimes, the dogs gets what the family refuses to eat. And they never complain. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Introduction to 'The Rambler'

Up until now I've been posting my usual 'ramblings' via Facebook and Twitter but since you have to be a member to view both of those sites, I decided to start 'rambling' on Blogspot. Now everyone can see what kind of nonsense I can come up with! ;)

My name is Amanda. I'm a published author from Central Illinois. I'm also a wife and a mother to two amazing children. We've apparently started a zoo, mostly full of animals that end up having life-long health issues. The veterinarian loves me, or at least the money that I spend at her clinic. ;)

I've always loved to write and am definitely fulfilling a dream by becoming published. My other talents include playing guitar, singing, knowing how to shoot, hunt, and fish (I consider those talents), and cooking new and interesting (sometimes that's the only word to describe them) recipes that I usually find on Pinterest. I enjoy all kinds of music, football (Go Pack Go!), Moscato, pumpkin flavored ice cream, and life in general. I'm hoping that my NFL team loyalty doesn't lose me any fans but I'm a loyal enough Packer fan to post it anyway. ;)

On Thursdays, I will post a 'Thursday's with the Author'. You can find them here, or at FacebookTwitter, or at Google+. I will answer a fan questions which can be sent through any of the above mentioned links. You can send me multiple questions on any topic and you might see your question and my answer in an upcoming post! I've posted a back-list of Thursday's with the Author on my Google+ profile.

I also like to post snippets of ideas, opinions, great writing resources, quotes and really awesome stuff that other people write. :) 

I've since updated this post since its original date so I now have FIVE books available.
Print books can be purchased at Createspace or Amazon. Here's the Createspace links: 
Dark Mountains
Irish Strength
Irish Heart
Irish Sight
Irish Truth

EBooks can be purchased through Amazon. If you happen to purchase any of my print books through Amazon, you can get the eBook for FREE through their Kindle Matchbook program. Here's the link for my Amazon Author Central page where you can find all of them. Author Central 

Next on the project list is a children's picture book series called Zoo Adventures. It's based on a story I wrote for the Young Authors contest way back in first grade. The first book, Manda Panda's Tummy Ache, should be out sometime in 2015, with a new story to follow every year. I'd like to say the stories will be released closer together, but I'm doing all the illustrations and that takes FOREVER! ;)

I also have a historical fiction and a contemporary romance on the back burner. :)

So that is all for now, I'm sure I'll be on to ramble some more before you know it!