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I love being a mom and a wife. I've married to a man I would do anything for, and we have three beautiful children. I see so much of myself in both of them that it sometimes brings me to tears (happy ones).

I also love writing. Romance to be specific. I love the happily ever after that I believe everyone deserves. My stories aren't 'stop and smell the roses' type romances. While I believe everyone deserves happiness and true love, I know that sometimes you have to walk a hard road to find it. Those are the types of stories I like to write. The happily ever after that wasn't found, but earned. I work to earn mine on a daily basis and so do my characters. 

I am also working on a children's picture book series. Inspired (of course) by my kiddos. :)

On the non-writing front, I play acoustic guitar, sing, read like I get paid for it, ride horses, hike, paint rocks, and support a rather obsessive addiction to Pinterest.

I love to cook, which combined with my pinning addiction, leads to many experiments foisted on my unsuspecting husband and kids, mostly with good results. But sometimes, the dogs gets what the family refuses to eat. And they never complain. 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

The End Of A Magical Journey - Thursdays with the Author

Well I've done it, finally. I finished The Irish Treasures Saga. Irish Truth went live yesterday in print and eBook editions. I had immediate sales. I had immediate reviews. I had immediate tears.

(Here's the link for Irish Truth)

It's been a magical time. It's like I watched my babies grow up and then go off to college. I'm a bit sad, but more proud than anything. Just being done with the writing/editing/formatting is such a load off my shoulders. Seeing five books now available on my author central page is astonishing. I hope to see many more before I'm done.

(Here's the link for ALL my books: Author Amanda Meredith

It's the end of a series, but definitely not the end of the books I'll be bringing you.

I'll have a children's picture book coming out sometime next year. My kids are very excited that I'll finally have time to sit down and commit to working on the illustrations. They were really the ones that pushed me to delve into children's. They're my light so I couldn't say no.

I have a few more romance novels that are currently just works in process...

One is a beach setting, the Alabama Gulf Coast to be exact. A marine biologist working to save endangered sea turtles. A children's author that brought his family to the coast to heal after losing his wife to cancer.

One is set it Nashville. Two high school sweethearts, one, the sweet girl-next-door with an amazing voice, the other, the guitar-playing rebel from a broken family. Their happily ever disappears until they find each other at a show in a Nashville bar. Sparks fly, but so do the secrets they've been hiding. Secrets that could keep them apart for good.

And a historical romance...

She's the daughter of a renowned horse trainer in Victorian England, pretending to be a boy to hide from an aristocrat determined to break her. Her father's death at the hands of her assailant sends her to the outskirts of London, searching for the only man her father could trust to keep her safe.
He's the third son of a duke, thrust into being the sole heir of his father's dynasty. He's determined to save his father's lands with success in the horse business, but to do that, he must rely on a young stable boy, clearly on the run. The young lad has a gift with horses but all is not what it seems, and when the truth comes to light, so does the danger surrounding them both.

There's also some thoughts on continuing the story with a few characters from The Irish Treasures Saga, particularly the Brubaker triplets: Max, Douglas, and Jamie, as well as their sister, Moira. Liam and Tierney may also get their own stories, but that would be a long way down the road. :)

I will also be featuring a lot of new reviews on the blog from a variety of authors and genres. There should be new Weekend Reviews coming up by the end of July! :)

So there's the update for the summer of 2015. I hope you are all enjoying my books. :)
Stay tuned for more!