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I love being a mom and a wife. I've married to a man I would do anything for, and we have three beautiful children. I see so much of myself in both of them that it sometimes brings me to tears (happy ones).

I also love writing. Romance to be specific. I love the happily ever after that I believe everyone deserves. My stories aren't 'stop and smell the roses' type romances. While I believe everyone deserves happiness and true love, I know that sometimes you have to walk a hard road to find it. Those are the types of stories I like to write. The happily ever after that wasn't found, but earned. I work to earn mine on a daily basis and so do my characters. 

I am also working on a children's picture book series. Inspired (of course) by my kiddos. :)

On the non-writing front, I play acoustic guitar, sing, read like I get paid for it, ride horses, hike, paint rocks, and support a rather obsessive addiction to Pinterest.

I love to cook, which combined with my pinning addiction, leads to many experiments foisted on my unsuspecting husband and kids, mostly with good results. But sometimes, the dogs gets what the family refuses to eat. And they never complain. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Pregnancy Journal December 30, 2015

Little one, 

Yesterday I sat in a dark room, nervously waiting as the doctor tried to find you. She found a small black circle and zoomed in on the screen and my breath caught in my throat. 

"There's the heart, already beating," she explained as she pointed to a small white spot, flashing quickly. "Still too small to hear but we didn't expect to see the heartbeat yet so this is good." 

I was crying at this point, tears of absolute joy, as I watched your heart, still only two tiny chambers, beating so quietly inside me that the sonogram couldn't register it above my own blood flow. But it was beating. It didn't matter that I couldn't hear it. I could see it, and that was more than enough. 

From the moment I found out about you, I was scared. Scared I would lose you, afraid I would never hear that heartbeat. The fear is still there, but it's not overwhelming. It's small and insignificant. Overshadowed by the complete joy I felt when I saw your tiny little heart flashing on that screen. 

I won't hear that sweet sound of life for another few weeks. I won't feel you move inside me for months. Your Daddy won't feel you fluttering inside me for even longer. And we won't get to hold you in our arms for eight long months. But it doesn't matter how long we wait. The joy you bring us as you're nestled inside me, safe, warm, and completely loved, is more than I need.